Social Media Marketing for Non-Profits Webinar

Social Media Marketing for Non-Profits Webinar

2017 has had a great start so far and lots of changes and growth have happened already for our company. To help kickoff this year we are so excited to announce that we will begin offering more marketing, branding and design advice to our network!

One of the ways we will be doing this is in the format of a quarterly webinar series that centers around ways that small businesses can improve their marketing efforts via social media, email and more. Our first webinar is entitled:

Social Media Marketing for Non-Profits

Monday, February 13th, 3-4pm EST

Learn strategies on how to market on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Key Agenda Items:

  • The top 5 reasons non-profits should market on social media.
  • Background on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and the best ways to market on these channels.
  • The best tools to use to schedule social media posts, aggregate content, track engagements and design social media images.

Registration is free but space is limited!

AMW Site Designs Brings on Copywriter, Karen Johnson of Christina-Jane Publishing

AMW Site Designs Brings on Copywriter, Karen Johnson of Christina-Jane Publishing

AMW Site Designs is pleased to announce the addition of Karen Johnson of Christina-Jane Publishing to the team. Karen will be assisting with all of the copywriting for websites and marketing collateral for clients. She also will be managing the social media for the company. Karen Johnson founded Christina-Jane Publishing in 2016 and has had natural writing talents since a young age. She’s helped various clients successfully create and publish content for websites, blogs, and social media. Karen’s passion and natural talent for writing, college education as well as experience with writing professionally in corporate America has afforded her the skills and expertise to create content for businesses that span across multiple industries.

Christina-Jane Publishing provides a full suite of writing services that includes blogging, article creation and publishing, and various other services involving professional content creation. The demand for content in the information age has recently sky rocketed. From blogging, to social, media updates, content creation has become a must have and the pressure is on for businesses to continue to publish fresh and unique content. Christina-Jane publishing allows you to focus on what you do best while utilizing our expertise to help your business.

To learn more about Christina-Jane Publishing visit: