Implementing your New Brand Style Guide

Implementing your New Brand Style Guide

When building a brand, it’s important to establish visual consistency to showcase an increased level of professionalism. From logo design to colors and website layout, it is vital that a cohesive look defines your business and allows potential clientele to recognize your brand.

You’ve worked with AMW. You’ve got your logo. Your colors. Fonts. Textures. Image styles. You’ve got your entire brand wrapped up and ready to go….but now what? A recent Demand Metric survey found that fewer than 10% of businesses believe they are very consistent in their brand presentation. Now that your business has all of these elements developed, we have created a list of ways that you can best implement these guides in the future!

1.) Keep your brand’s core fonts consistent in all future materials, including online graphics, printed ads, and signage.

2.) Color is essential to setting the mood in your branding, but don’t be afraid to play around with the proportion of each color you use when developing materials! Having the ability to style your colors in varying proportions to one another makes your palette versatile and allows different tones to be set.

3.) Find yourself in a situation in which your logo won’t naturally fit with the space given by a third-party publication? Consult your style guide for acceptable logo variations that can be used instead!