Last Minute Marketing Ideas for Black History Month

Feb 19, 2018 | Marketing Planning

Although February is already in full swing, there are still some things that your small business can do to honor and celebrate Black History Month. If you feel like you’ve already missed the boat to incorporate Black History Month into your marketing strategy, it’s not too late! Here are some marketing ideas for Black History Month that you can still implement.

Get Some Last-Minute Blog Posts In

Blog posts are a great, easy to implement idea for the remaining weeks of Black History Month because of their ease and ability to share across multiple social media platforms.  This gives you the opportunity to show your support of Black History Month as a small business as well as provide an opportunity to connect with your social media audience by sharing some additional insight.  These blog posts can focus on ways that your business supports and honors the legacy of Black History Month, the importance of supporting black business, or any other related topics.

If you already have a website, you will likely already have the capability to easily add blog posts to your website. Most website platforms such as WordPress already have this capability built in and is easy to implement whether you have used the function before or are using it for the first time.

Educate Your Social Media Following on Black History

Black History month is the perfect opportunity to highlight key contributors to the community with Black History Month spotlights. You do not have to limit yourself to historical figures. These highlights can also include successful people that are relevant to modern history and are even still up and coming.  You can also head to Google and seek relevant black history related articles that you can share on your social media platforms.

A useful strategy to utilize this as a marketing tool is to tailor this to your business function in order to make it relevant to your line of business but also to your followers. There are so many great African American entrepreneurs, athletes, haircare pioneers, inventors and more that you can highlight. This can also include incoprorating quotes in your social media posts from African American entrepreneurs, inventors, artist, poets, authors, and more.

Put out a Special Edition Digital Newsletter

Digital newsletters are a key driver in keeping your customers engaged with your business and is also a great opportunity to incorporate Black History Month in to your marketing plan.  Consider putting out a special edition newsletter for Black History Month which is a great opportunity to combine any relevant social media posts, blog posts, or articles you’ve shared over the month. The benefit of a newsletter is its ability to be shared with your customer base both via email and social media.  There are several platforms that make creating and publishing a newsletter easy which includes MailChimp, a popular automated marketing platform.

Raffle off Culturally Relevant Giveaways

A raffle is another quick and easy way to incorporate Black History month into you marketing strategy and also provides the opportunity to give your customers some incentive to like and share your posts. Consider a raffle in which a winner will be picked from a pool of followers who use your hashtag, share, or like your posts. This can include something like tickets to the Museum of African American History at the Smithsonian, free movie tickets to see Black Panther, or a free meal at a local black owned restaurant. This is a great way to show your commitment to supporting local businesses while honoring the legacy of Black History month. Although you may need to make a small investment, this could result in additional new customers in the long run.

These ideas should have you on your way to participating in Black History Month in a way that is both fun to implement and beneficial to your business. Work with me for more information on how to get started.

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