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Sep 27, 2017 | PR

All it takes is one prominent media feature to take your business to the next level. The right kind of media attention or a quick mention from the right person can mean huge growth for your business. Here are a few tips to get started on building a media presence for your small business.

Build Your Reputation and Start off Small

The start to anything big is usually cultivated in your own back yard, so start highlighting yourself before anyone else ever does. Write and publish articles and news, post them to your website, and share them on on your social media pages. By doing this, you are: 1) building a small but loyal following 2) Getting great practice with low risk, 3) Getting the opportunity to see what your target audience responds to both positively and negatively 4) Giving yourself a stockpile of material just in case the right opportunity comes along. There are also plenty of local media sources that you can take advantage of before aiming for bigger platforms. Submit an article to local community magazine, your church newsletter, or the publication of a local organization. Local community events also get news coverage that can at any point turn into a promotion opportunity for your business.

Step Up Your Social Media Networking Game

Go beyond your network of followers and put yourself out there in unchartered territory. This includes following and engaging with prominent figures on Social Media and putting your “@” symbols and Twitter hashtags to work. Are you really feeling the latest Iyanla Vanzant quote? The put an @ symbol in front of her twitter handle and express your thoughts. Go a little further than just “liking posts” and engage some more in the mix of conversation. Your tweet may be the one that gets a response. Balance this with increased engagement with fellow business owners and industry experts. You never know who in your network could end up being a guest expert on CNN.

Submit Guest Articles to Other Publications

Blog posts and articles usually get picked up one of two ways: 1) The writer submits their article on their own and hope that it picks up 2) Someone externally reaches out to you and asks that your post be featured on their site. Online digital media has changed and even the big companies are looking to outsource their articles. Getting to the point where people reach out to you is a great goal to aspire to reach because this shows that you are being noticed externally. The saying that success is when luck meets opportunity best explains why you should always keep your content fresh and relevant. Be of the mindset to always be ready when these opportunities arise.

Gather Your List and Pitch the Media

Many companies like Cision and PR Newswire sell comprehensive lists of media contacts that you can use to pitch your newsworthy content to directly. Unfortunately, this purchase generally comes with a hefty price tag and needs to be renewed regularly to keep the contact information current. A much more cost-effective option is to instead scour your local news websites and look for the names of media contacts at the end of their articles. You can sort by industry and topics to find the contacts that write about what you do. Then get your best pitch together and give them ideas for future articles you can be featured on.

Build Excitement and Enthusiasm with your Customers

Being excited about what you do is one of your best assets to being noticed. Former President Obama’s verbal admiration for his Blackberry during his election campaign and throughout his presidency was worth its weight in gold. The New York Times article even stated his endorsement was priceless, being worth upwards of 50 million dollars.  Although this is a more extreme example, this same logic can be applied to your small business. If there are people that love your product, by all, means encourage them to sing about it, tweet about, write a Facebook review. The more attention from your customers being garnered, the more likely you are to be noticed by local media outlets.

Media, whether it be print, radio, or television, can be a big boost for your business. Make sure that your approach is tailored to you, your business needs, and goals for growth. Building organic interest in combination with the right network can create some great media exposure opportunities for your small business.

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