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Jan 22, 2018 | Social

By now, we’ve all heard of advertising through popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. However, many other well-known social media platforms offer advertising as well that can be affordable. Here are a few that you can use to expand your advertising reach while still having the flexibility to stay on a budget.


Did you know that you can do audio advertisements on Spotify? If you are using the free service, advertising is big part of what keeps many of its features free.  Although this service is still in its early stages, it has a lot of potential due to the popularity of music streaming services. Although this is not a conventional social media platform for advertisements, consider how much you personally stream music and you will see the advertising potential that already has millions of users and growing on a daily basis.

How it Works

You can create your own ad or provide Spotify with a script and they will do it for you. You are then able to select your target audience by age, gender, location, activity, and music taste. In this case, knowing your audience is a very useful tool to making sure that you focus your advertising efforts on the right group of people. Spotify also provides tools that allow you to see how users engage with your ads, giving you the flexibility to make adjustments as needed.  It is also a small investment that can have a big impact, where you can start with as little as $250.


Pinterest is a popular image driven social media platform that has become commonplace for finding and sharing ideas. Many of us are familiar with a Pinterest board and how fun it can be to create a space to put all of our ideas for anything from an upcoming party to what to pack for a big international trip. Pinterest advertising started a few years ago as “Promoted Pins” and is still gaining traction as it continues to add useful tools for small business advertising.

How it Works

Pinterest advertising works in a pretty similar fashion to how you use Pinterest in your leisure time. You can choose to pay to promote a certain pin in order for it to gain visibility to a larger audience. Pinterest is vision driven, and would especially work for business with a lot of visual representation such as hair care, a restaurant, or bakery. Pinterest typically charges based on engagement, allotting a certain number of clicks, re-pins or shares, based on the advertising plan that you choose. How much or how little you would like to advertise is completely within your control.


In addition to its hashtag and trending features, Twitter is another great tool for marketing your business that allows you to have control while on a budget.

How it Works

You can choose to promote a particular tweet, an account, or a trend based on your advertising needs

  • Promoted Tweet – If you would like to bring special attention to, and advertise a particular tweet, this is one of the least expensive options you can utilize. Another great thing about this option is that you only pay when a user favorites, replies, retweets, or otherwise engages with that particular tweet.
  • Promoted Account – Consider this option if you are looking to give your Twitter account some additional visibility. With this option, you pay per follower that results in the advertisement, capping out at your discretion
  • Promoted Trend – This is the most expensive option used by larger businesses and not optimal for small business owners on a budget. Although a higher risk and most expensive option, it can yield a higher result when done with a thoughtful advertising strategy.


LinkedIn continues to be one of the premier tools used by professionals for networking. You should especially consider using LinkedIn as an advertising platform if this audience fits your ideal customer profile or if you offer B2B (Business to Business) products and services.

How it Works

There are few different types of advertisements on LinkedIn. Here is a brief overview and how they can work for you. The price range is based on what you are willing to spend and can start at around $2-$5 per click.

  • Cost Per Click – This option should be used primarily to drive traffic to your website and you only pay when people click your advertisement.
  • Cost Per 1000 Impressions – Best used for when your goal is to drive engagement. You pay for when people see your Ad as opposed to them clicking and going to an external link.
  • Cost Per Send (Sponsored InMail) – This option sends advertisements directly to users’ InMail accounts.

We hope that this helps you expand your horizon for marketing your business on social media.  Contact Me directly for any additional questions or follow up!

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