Use Social Media Marketing to Monetize Your Passion

Feb 5, 2018 | Social

There are so many ways that social media can be used to share your talents with the world.  If you aren’t quite ready to go head first into starting a business, social media is a great place to start as an outlet to share your creativity. Here are some ways that you can monetize your passion with low financial risk, potential high returns, and the opportunity to make money from doing something that you love.

Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube has become a main platform in which millions of people are able to monetize their passion without having to invest whole lot of money and even in some cases, time. If your passion includes things that can help others such as having a great fashion sense, the talent to style hair, or vast knowledge of managing money, consider using YouTube as a means to share this with others. Another great aspect of YouTube is that’s there is financial incentive in amassing a large number of followers. Try starting off small and see where it can take you!

Start a Blog

Although it seems that almost everyone is starting a blog these days, there are ways in which you can use it to not only spread your knowledge but also to make some extra money on the side. Social media also provides additional platforms to advertise your blog and draw more traffic to your website. Let’s consider some popular websites such as BuzzFeed a pop culture-based blog site and TechCrunch, a popular technology-based blog site that has millions of readers everyday. What is truly the money maker for sites like these are advertisements. The more website traffic a site has, the more they can command for ad space on their website. You don’t have to aim to have millions of subscribers to your blog  but imagine what could come of a few hundred or perhaps even a few thousand that visit your blog site regularly? Starting a blog is a great way to start sharing your talent to the world but it is also important to make the commitment to focus on it, regularly update your content, and use social media as a platform to promote it.

Use Social Media as a Research Tool

Social media is much more than a tool that you can use to market yourself, you can also use it as a research tool to gauge reactions to what you are potentially looking to sell. Look at investing a little money into Facebook ads and you may be surprised by the result. Facebook ads are typically based off of demographic and interest and is also a great opportunity to look for some exposure out of your friend groups.  Facebook also provides the opportunity to create surveys and polls to gauge reactions on various subjects. Not only does this give you measurable results, it also gives you the opportunity to receive immediate feedback on potential ideas.

Another research tool you can use is Instagram’s new feature that allows people to follow and search topics by hashtag. This is the perfect opportunity to gauge the interests of your target audience  based on topic. When it comes time for you to implement your ideas you will have a good background on where to start,

Consider a Go Fund Me or Kickstarter Campaign

2018 Passion Planner, Click to Purchase on Amazon

Although unconventional, Go Fund Me and Kickstarter has launched many useful ideas into reality. Utilizing crowdfunding for your business is not only about raising money, it can also be used as tool to share your talent with the world. Kickstarter and Go Fund campaigns have been used for anything from projects that give back to  passion projects that become successful business ventures. The Passion Planner is an example of one of these success stories. The Passion Planner was created by a college student who wanted to bring balance and organization to their chaotic schedule. In the beginning of the campaign Passion Planners were offered to those who shared the video or contributed to campaign and over 1 million was raised on Kickstarted. The “Passion Planner” is now a top seller on Amazon.

Being that social has no signs of slowing down any time soon, it will continue to be a useful tool to express your creative side and make some money in the meantime. Work with me and I’d be happy to apply my expertise to your social media marketing strategy.

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