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Brand, Launch and Convert

Brand, Launch and Convert is an 8-week, online program and community for coaches and online service providers that teaches you how to implement an automated system to bring in $1,500+/month consistently through your side hustle. In this program you will learn my proven process on how I more than tripled my company revenue in just one year while only working a few hours per week. As well as; how to position your brand to stand out from competitors, identify the right ideal client that will pay you premium pricing and craft a message that connects with your audience and leads them to work with you.

After the Launch Digital Marketing Bootcamp

After the Launch Digital Marketing Bootcamp is an online program that walks service-based business owners and personal brands through executing and driving results in 5 key areas of digital marketing (Marketing Planning, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing and Organic Search Engine Optimization). The program addresses KEY MARKETING CHALLENGES entrepreneurs face after they launch their brands and websites…how to get more leads online.